Chapter Seven: The Presidency


Presidential Powers


§         Veto – tool used to influence Congress

§         Roosevelt, Cleveland, and Truman used their veto power the most

§         “Riders” can be attached (extra articles/ amendments)

§         A major conflict with Congress is foreign relations

§         The Senate must approve with a 2/3 majority on all treaties

§         War Powers Act of 1973 – the president can commit troops only after a declaration of war by Congress

§         The president must keep Congress informed of the war’s progress



Relationship with the Media


§         Presidents accuse the media of portraying only their negative side



Public Approval


§         Average approval rating of presidents who have finished their term is 50%

§         After the (first) Gulf War, George Bush’s approval rating was near 90%; at the end of his presidency, it was less than 40%

§         Bully pulpits – ability to use the office of presidency to promote particular programs


The Presidency


The Focal Point of American Politics and Government



Constitutional Points:



Election and Succession



President and Media and Public Opinion



Power of the President