Humanities Research Paper The paper is worth 30% of your quarter grade!

The following components are required for the paper to be read and graded

The order of the paper is to be as follows

- must be typed or printed (computer) in black
- font size 12 or 14 (use a standard font)
- normal margins and double spaced
- 5-10 pages required
- minimum of 5 sources (no encyclopedias)
- paper must have one primary source
- check spelling and grammar
- title page
- outline
- thesis
- paper intro/body/conclusion
- bibliography
- works cited page

1.title page (title/name/class/hour/date)
2. outline (proper format I - A - 1 - a)
3. thesis
4. introduction
5. body
6. conclusion
7. bibliography
8. work cited

Use the MLA style for your

bibliography and work cited pages

All papers will be kept by the teacher - Make a hard copy for your records!

All papers are due at the start of the hour! One day late projects will be docked 10 percent. All assignments turned in after 24 hours will be 50 percent of the value.