Hank Miller, a small-time gambler and racketeer, was shot and fatally wounded in front of the pool hall in Smalltown. A few days later the police rounded up three suspects in nearby Bigtown. All three had long police records and the police were convinced one of them was the culprit. The trouble was that each was incapable of making three consecutive statements without lying. Here's what each of the suspects said in his defense:

Lefty: "Spike killed Hank. I never was in Smalltown. I'm innocent."

Spike: "Red is innocent. Everything that Lefty said is a lie. I didn't do it."

Red: "I didn't kill him. Lefty lied when he said he'd never been to Smalltown. Spike lied when he said everything Lefty said was a lie."

Who did the killing?


A new reporter was sent to cover a high school badminton tournament. Being new and anxious to do a good job, he rounded up facts to make his story interesting. He found he had the following statements:

The boys competing were Bud, Jim, Al, Hank, and Ken.

Jim had once beaten the winner at golf.

The boy who finished fourth left the gym after his match and did not see the

last two games.

The winner had never met the boy who came in fifth until the day of

the tournament.

Bud and Ken frequently played volleyball together.

Hank's finish ahead of Ken was totally unexpected.

The winner and the runner-up had never met until Hank introduced them just

before the final game.

When the reporter got back to the office he found that he had forgotten the order in which the boys had finished. He was able to figure it out, however, from the information provided. Can you figure it out?