The Marble Players

Four boys were playing marbles. Their names were Bob, Dick, Fred and Jack. One boy has nine marbles, another has fifteen. Their ages are 3, 10, 17 and 18, but not respectively.

Bob shot before Dick and Jack. Jack is older than the boy with fifteen marbles. Dick has less than fifteen marbles. Jack shot before Dick. Fred shot after Dick, If Fred is 10 years old, he does not have fifteen marbles. Bob and Jack together have an even number of marbles. The youngest boy is not the one with fifteen marbles. If Dick has twelve marbles, he isn't the youngest. The 10 year old shot after the 17 year old.

In what order did they shoot and what are their ages?

The Baseball Team

Nine men play the positions on a. baseball team. Their names are Brown, White, Adams, Miller, Green, Hunter, Knight, Smith and Jones. Determine from the following information the position played by each man.

a. Brown and Smith each won $10 playing poker with the pitcher.

b. Hunter is taller than Knight and shorter than White, but each weighs more than the first baseman.

c. The third baseman lives across the hall from Jones in the same apartment building.

d. Miller and the outfielders play bridge in their spare time.

e. White, Miller, Brown and the right fielder and the center fielder, are bachelors and the rest are married.

f. Of Adams and Knight, one plays an outfield positions.

g. The right fielder is shorter than the center fielder.

h. The third baseman is a brother of the pitcher's wife.

i. Green is taller than the infielders and the battery, except for Jones, Smith and Adams.

j. The second baseman beat Jones, Brown, Hunter and the catcher at cards.

k. The third baseman, the shortstop and Hunter made $150 each speculating in General Motors stock.

1. The second baseman is engaged to Miller's sister.

m. Adams lives in the same house as his sister but dislikes the catcher.

n. Adams, Brown and the shortstop lost $200 each speculating in grain.

o. The catcher has three daughters, the third baseman has two sons, but Green is being sued for divorce.